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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and LED Light Bulbs

 投稿者:Soo Hyun  投稿日:2012年 7月23日(月)17時06分55秒 ns1.refthing.co.cc
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  Do they last compared the Incandescent led light bulbs  and are they worth it. The 60 watt Equivalent ones

LED will last almost endlessly, and will save 98% electricity!

CFL will last almost 10 times more than normal Incandescent bulb, and will save around 75% electricity.

Both are worth investing in, and will save you money during their long life time.

Are led strip  More Efficient than CFLs?

LED bulbs are more efficient than compact fluorescent (or CFLs), with most exerts agreeing that most LEDs last 10 times longer than CFLs (and 60 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs). The CFls may last from 6,000 15,000 hours of use while the LEDs or light emitting diodes lasts for about 100,000 hours. By the way CFLs also contain mercury so its disposal should be handled with care. (energy efficient official website)

The problem with LEDs is that they’re still substantially more expensive than CFLs and still struggle with reaching the same equivalent output of CFLs in light commonly used for lighting in homes (LED light output is strongest in
Energy efficient bulbs official website

cfl last for 10000 hours and use 20 % enrgy of equivalent normal bulb
led last for 50000 hours and use 10 % enrgy for equivalent bulb
sure they save money and enrgy
but costwise led at present cant save more as high cost price as soon it comes near cfl price it will better and greener to choose it

Considering how incandescent bulbs last just 1000 hours, CFLs and LEDs are definitely a better choice. Don't just look at wattage. CFLs and LEDs now revolve around lumens.

Flexible LED Strip Lights  last a billiondy gazillion years. CFs a little bit longer than regular light bulbs. CFs also must be recycled. You can't throw them in the trash. They are bad for the environment.

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