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  • LED industry revenue model upstream decided to downstream

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Semiconductor lighting is recognized as the 21 st century the most promising one of the technology, opens the human society, the third revolution in lighting, behind the containing enormous economic benefits. In the last ten years, the global market scale LED annual growth rate of more than 20%; High brightness led light panel the growth of the market more quickly, the 1995-2005 average annual growth rate reached 46% in 2008, the size of the market reached 5.1 billion us dollars, accounting for the proportion of market LED to 40% in 2001 to 80% by 2008 above, conservative estimates of the size of the market in 2012 is expected to reach us $11.4 billion.

In this article is full of window and value chain, the enterprise took more than 70% of the profits of the business, this is a capital intensive, with high technical content, profits high return link. And the core of the patent technology concentrated in Japan, and (Nichia), the United States cory (Cree), Germany Osram (Osram) a few overseas giant hand, belongs to the typical monopoly operation (form). In the extension of the chip and field, the American and Japanese enterprise also is in the monopoly advantage.

The whole LED the size of the industry, depends on the manufacturers the technical research and development direction, production capacity. Currently restrict the main factors outdoor led spotlight  industry development have two: one is the technology, such as low efficiency, lumens of conversion speed the industry standard not come on stage, light color, etc.; 2 it is relative to the application of hot end market, with the core technology of the manufacturers capacity. The semiconductor industry "Moore's law" in the LED industry had been there, in 2010, in the mainstream manufacturer production expansion, under the situation of the chip, producer prices up not down, in the middle and lower reaches more than manufacturers such as cooking rice stop work even position.

At present, in the upstream of the chip development and grain size, the encapsulation of the middle and downstream application fields, have all have China enterprise intervention, but in China, the chip maker is focused on small power, ZhongDiDuan areas, including small power chips fields of 3 Ann photoelectricity, dry as optoelectronics, and other enterprises. Limited to technology, such as production reason, at present domestic chip supply of domestic market accounts for less than 10%, still not enter the ranks of the mainstream provider.

Most of the Chinese LED manufacturers, can be in only the end of the application package industry, for the remaining 40% of the profit of less than, the reality in the first few years of the similar solar polycrystalline silicon industry. At present, China has more than 4000 home downstream LED enterprise, they are mainly concentrated in the manufacturing, auxiliary materials processing, appearance design industry, the characteristic is investment scale is small, the industry establish fast, the unit output value is not high, belong to the traditional processing industry, but its biggest advantage is close to the market, the sensitive reaction, if take market boom, there may grow out of large enterprises. Especially LED the market in recent years the rapid application development, LED back light, display screen, hair light shows geometrical level market growth. The market demand for the development of the production process, the domestic production quality guaranteed LED lighting manufacturers are harvest this year a large order, foshan lighting, leishi lighting to the rapid transformation, also have other large enterprise sectors moving this market.

Taiwan LED the development of the industry, can to provide reference for the mainland enterprises. In the 1990 s LED the development of Taiwan industry early in the industry enterprise pyramid, and the enterprise of a large number of upstream, enterprises are very few. But, with the expansion of the scale of the market, in the middle and lower reaches to form the scale enterprise upstream to the heart, appeared the nl photoelectric, wafer optoelectronics, and other master high brightness high-power chip technology international suppliers, assembly field suffered GuangBao, light lei this kind of scale enterprise, in the downstream of the fields of application, and light, focus on the car instrument LED Tube Lighting  application of the enterprise, and gradually formed a complete industry chain.

The mainland LED the growth of the industry, it shall also follows the bottom of the path. Lenovo early MaoGongJi mode, might be worth domestic LED enterprise reference market opportunity-caught, strengthen their own strength in technology, market accumulation, and on the basis of upstream to extend, vertical industry chain is a can wait for the chance.


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